About M.E.

March 2017 HeadshotsI am Matthew Ari Elfenbein.  I recently graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a M.A. in Cinema Studies since being awarded a B.A. of Multimedia Studies at Florida Atlantic University.  This concrete jungle of NYU is a vastly different environment compared to sunny South Florida.  Nonetheless, my interest in film spans for as long as I can remember, as making movies has been a critical point of my life ever since I could pick up a camera.  My aspirations will hopefully lead me to become a distinguished scholar within the Cinema Studies field, while increasing awareness of the importance of the arts.


My interests in film are diverse, spanning over many genres for various types of reasons, whether it be aesthetics or mere entertainment value.  Ultimately, the genre that intrigues me the most is the Film Musical (specifically contemporary multi-national musicals, but taking from the classics as well), in that the coverage of these films includes many crossover genres and much insight on narrative structures of Hollywood cinema.  Although not categorized as a musical, my favorite film is Rocky because of the many different outlooks the film takes on genre, storytelling, and even integration of new media aspects.  The intersectionality of this film and the basis of the musical come to the point where similar narrative structures of dual opposition govern both.  There is an interesting integration between the film and the Broadway show that utilizes interactive elements, inspiring me to eventually travel down this avenue of study.  Additionally, I focus on comedy films or feel-good cheering films, like Rocky, because it makes the task of watching so many films less of a cynical practice and more of a escapist-analysis.  I am also becoming increasingly interested in the idea of the Modern Fatalistic Musical, a phenomenon that reappears in the genre during this age of societal paranoia and grief.  In relation to media, I am multifaceted and savvy in various forms.  I am an avid “Tweeter” who is always trying to say what is on my mind, but with my humorous twist.